“What It’s All About”

Since the 1980s, 911 Operators employed by the City of New York and the New York City Police Department (“NYPD”) have been subjected to discriminatory disciplinary treatment, forced to work up to sixteen (16) hour shifts with few meal or bathroom breaks, threatened and retaliated against when they attempt to use sick leave, among other statutory violations, by their white supervisors. These discriminatory, abusive and coercive policies and practices violate their civil rights as guaranteed under Federal, State and New York City laws and in significant respects the collective bargaining agreement between the City and the Operators’ union, DC 37.  Yet, their union has inexplicably refused to act in any meaningful manner to protect their rights under the agreement.

The Big Picture

  • Fair Shift Scheduling Policies
  • End Discriminatory Policies
  • Ensure Worker Health and Public Safety
  • Secure Compensatory and Injunctive Relief for Past and Future Wrongs

This class action lawsuit seeks to end the City and NYPD’s unlawful and discriminatory treatment of this group of more than One Thousand 911 Operators, who are predominantly minority and overwhelmingly female, and many of whom have served the City creditably for many years.

The City and NYPD cannot legally retaliate against you for cooperating or participating with this lawsuit!


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